The DATatek Company can be well accepted if you’re an effective leaders inside the manufacturing and development of specialized commercial washing products especially designed for the foodstuff service industry. The DATatek Company has a proven track record developing advanced innovative cleaning products that provide superior washing results in an environmentally and overall health friendly approach. Their unique and high quality washing supplies include a wide variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and equipment, as well as, environmentally friendly sanitizers, disinfectants and spot removal items that support your company stay ahead of the game. Utilizing the most advanced technologies and state of the art materials, the DATatek Company functions hard to consistently supply you with the best quality cleaning products. They give DAS (degradable aluminum storage containers), that are safe and biodegradable. DAS can be used instead of traditional storeroom and are user friendly.

DATatek washing supplies consist of DAS Sanitizers, which are created with chlorine dioxide, an oxidizer, along with sanitizers, and anti-bacterial agents. DATatek also offers equipment alternatives which include, air to air ability washers, dryers, power poles, steam cleaning devices and more. DATatek’s equipment alternatives are designed to spending sanitize, employing natural washing methods. DATatek also manufactures sanitizing and deodorizing solutions that are both equally convenient and effective.

In case your company utilizes hazardous washing supplies, you’ll need to be certain the suppliers you decide on comply with all of the State and Government laws regarding health and safety. It is important to work with a supplier that could meet all of your sanitizing and being a disinfectant needs, while maintaining excellent customer care. When choosing products solutions from the DATatek Enterprise, it’s important to pick the right products for the right job. Using the right cleaning supplies assists your washing efforts not merely reach their particular objectives, nonetheless exceed your customers’ objectives. Providing the very best in safety, sanitation and efficiency, DATatek is the best company to use in washing and sanitizing facilities. Speak to them today to discuss your sanitizing and disinfecting needs.